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E-procurement application of Krishi Samagri Company Ltd. is developed to help bidders to submit their bids via Internet. Proposed alternative for submission of bid through e-submission is used to increase transparency, non-discrimination, equality of access, and open competition. This site provides easy to use internet access for tender information, information on award of contracts and an alternate facility to submit bids through e-submission to all interested bidders as specified in the Instructions to Bidders.

First of all, a bidder must register an account which is required to log in. The system does not allow bidders to download any notice or related files without authentication. Neither does it allow you to upload any bidding document without authentication.

A bidder who wish to submit the bid electronically may purchase the bid document directly from the employer office or may download the bid document from the website and deposit the equivalent amount in the revenue account of the employer as specified in the notice or/and Bid Document. 

Krishi samagri Company Ltd. assures that the bid documents submitted by the bidders will not be accessible to anyone before the specified date. Furthermore, mail to:


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