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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Bid online ?

To bid online first you have to register with your details in our system.

  • What after registration ?

After registration activation is required. For this we need roughly one working day to review your application. Once your registration is activated you are ready to take part in online bidding system.

  • What are the file formats ?

All the documents are in image (filename.jpg) format where as tender document is in multipage Portable Document Format (filename.pdf) format.

  • What if error encountered during uploading file ?

If any error encountered during uploading file due to internet connection, please upload it again from the beginig.

  • Do I have to upload bank receipt again ?

Once the bank receipt is aproveed no need to upload bank receipt again. 

  • What are the documents required to bid ?

The list of documents are listed in the bidding document of SECTION B clause 7 Validity of Tender.  

  • What is Form of Bid ?

Form of Bid is the signed document with office stamp can be downloaded after approved the receipt for the bidding docuemnt. 





For Technical Support : Dilip Pradhan